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Cast List - 9 to 5 The Musical

Violet Newstead – Clarissa Brinkley

Doralee Rhodes – Lillian Shaw

Judy Bernly – Meagan Williams

Franklin Hart – Todd Williams

Roz Keith– Ginger McClure

Bob Enright -- Chris Cole

Joe – Jacob Faile

Dwayne – David Gossett

Dick – Brian Sikes

Josh – Trey Wilkerson

Missy – Amy Scott

Maria – Lindsey Davis

Kathy – Donna Riordan

Margaret – Marie Kindred

Tinsworthy – Jim Curry

Detective – Jamie Landers

Doctor – Vickie Brown

Candy Striper – Caroline Gammage

Ensemble – Lindsey Davis, Melissa Littlefield, Vickie Brown, Alison Karch, Bryce Pitts, Ellen Hearn, Wendy Walker, Julia Chambers, Emily Tumlin, Peyton Christen, Phoebe Faile,

Becca Blair, Crystal Odgers, Trecia Fannin, Gesta Riggs, Sophia

Veser, Bryce Pitts, Jacob Faile, Michael Murray, Chris Cole, Jim Curry

Understudy/ Violet – Alison Karch

Understudy/Judy – Sophia Veser

Understudy/ Doralee – Bryce Pitts

Understudy/ Roz – Melissa Littlefield

All characters except Violet, Judy, Doralee, Hart & Roz are members of the ensemble as well and will do some type of movement as they participate in the musical numbers. Six to eight members of the ensemble will be cast as

featured dancers with choreography. They will be assigned later.

Many Thanks to all who auditioned and to our casting committee! Please respond to to accept or decline your role ASAP. I will take the email addresses from your responses to give you information on everything related to our production.

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