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Our Story

Born of the American Little Theatre Movement, Rome Little Theatre is proud to be one of the oldest community theatres in the country.  From its founding in 1933 to its WWII hiatus and its 1956 revival, and from its residencies at the Gordon Theatre and the Maple Street Community Center to its current home at the Historic DeSoto Theatre, RLT is woven artfully into the rich, historical fabric of Rome, Georgia.

For the last 89 years, RLT has been committed to entertaining, engaging, and educating our community through the practice and promotion of the theatre arts. Our success is built on the generous contributions of generations of volunteers, donors, and patrons. As we celebrate our 90th anniversary, we invite you to join us on our journey into the future.  There's a role for everyone at Rome Little Theatre.  What part will you play?

our mission

Rome Little Theatre presents quality theatrical productions and programs that entertain, inspire, challenge, and contribute to the cultural life of the community. 


Rome Little Theatre is committed to:
•    Pursuing excellence in all our endeavors in an atmosphere of care, support, respect, and professionalism
•    Creating a climate of equity, diversity and inclusion across all aspects of our organization. 
•    Investing in meaningful relationships in our community
•    Providing educational, performance, and engagement opportunities for all ages. 

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