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RLT is committed to building a theatre community that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable.
Actors from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to audition. Any performer may be considered for any role in which specific casting demands are not indicated by the playwright.


Casting Committees: Each of our productions has its own team.  Each team has its own casting committee, a group of people donating their time and talent to get the best cast possible for each show. According to the RLT by-laws, the Director and Producer for each show must sit on the casting committee. Beyond that, no single person can sit on two casting committees in the same season, so each time you audition you are seeing new people!


Family Members at Auditions: Since we are a family theatre, we often have family members auditioning and we love that.  When someone on the casting committee has a family member auditioning, the casting committee member leaves the casting table to allow the rest of the casting committee to determine if the family member is a good fit for a role in the production. 

Open Auditions versus Closed Auditions: Different directors make different choices for their audition processes. All RLT auditions are "open call," that means anyone can come and audition.  You can register ahead or simply walk in the day of, and you are welcome! We love having new people and new talent walk across the stage! All of our auditions are "open" in that way.  Sometimes a director wants to see one person at a time, without an audience. If that is the case, they will have "closed" auditions where the theatre is kept quiet and one person is allowed to enter at a time. Other times directors will choose to have "open" auditions where everyone can watch each other audition and family members are allowed to stay as well. Try to trust the director and be willing to give your best audition regardless of their style. 

2022-2023 season Audition Information


Annie, Jr and the Penguin Project

Performance dates: June 8-11th, 2023

This show does not have auditions.

Any actor age 10-18 that would like to participate as a "star" or "mentor"

is invited to an informational meeting February 7th or  9th, 2023 to learn more.

Please find that information here 

Sister Act

Auditions: February 11th and 13th 

Callbacks: February 15 by invitation

Saturday, February 11th registration begins at 9:30am, auditions at 10:00am

Monday, February 13th registration begins at 6:00pm, auditions at 6:30pm

Rehearsal Period: February 20 - May 14   

Show Dates: May 5 - 14

Click here for audition information

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